Home From Home: Making Your Vacation Accommodation Feel Like Your Own

There's no getting around how exciting moving into vacation accommodation can be. You have your whole holiday ahead of you, and in the next few days, weeks, or months, you'll experience things that you're guaranteed to remember for a lifetime.

But the human condition is a curious one, and even if you're having the time your life in one of the most fun-filled vacation spots imaginable, there's always a chance that homesickness might creep in. One of the best ways to battle this unsettling sensation is to make your accommodation feel as though it's really yours, and by using these little tips and tricks below, you can make your temporary home feel like it's your own. All you need to do is remember the acronym "HOME".

H - Host

After the immediate excitement has subsided and your new hotel/hostel/apartment room has begun to feel a little more daunting, it's worth acting out being a host to make the place truly feel like it's yours. Take your time cooking a tasty meal if there's a kitchen located in your room, and invite over anyone you might have met during your stay for something to eat. If you're staying in a hostel, invite fellow guests up to your room for a drink. If you're on business and staying in a hotel, tidy up your place, cook a little food (or order room service), and invite your new associates up to talk business in your room. Acting as the host really makes the place feel like yours, and that goes a long way to easing homesickness.

O – On Your Arrival

As soon as you arrive, whether it's a hotel, hostel, serviced apartment or rented room, make a real effort with the staff at the desk, the landlord or your temporary roommate. Hotel/hostel staff in particular are used to lone travellers, and are expertly trained in making new customers feel extremely welcome. Introduce yourself properly, get to know their name, ask them for recommendations on where to go in the area, and - if you really hit it off - hang out with them when they're off shift for a quick drink. You'll be seeing these people everyday, and the more you get to know them, the more that your accommodation will truly feel like a familiar, homely place.

M – Music

A great way to curb the onset of homesickness is to put on some your favourite tunes and have a sing song to yourself. Music has the ability to boost dopamine levels in the body  - the chemical that makes us feel euphoric – meaning that anytime we play our most loved melodies, we automatically begin to feel a little better about everything. Make sure to take your portable music device with your favourite tunes on it everywhere you go, and if homesickness begins to rear its ugly head, simply put in your headphones and let the music do the rest.

E – Essentials

You may not think it necessary to bring the likes of your work laptop, framed photos of friends and family, or your favourite DVD's/games with you when you go away. You're off on holiday after all, and these are the sort of things that belong at home, right? Wrong. Taking your essentials with you and placing them on your nightstand/bedside table can make a world of difference when it comes to battling homesickness.

With a laptop, you can communicate with anyone from anywhere, keep in touch with local events back at home, and perhaps catch up on some light work. All these things will temporarily put you back in your hometown, and should help alleviate the sneaking feeling of homesickness creeping up on you. Taking pictures of your friends and family will make you feel watched over and comfortable, and throwing on one of your favourite DVD's will relocate you from reality for a few hours – taking you out of your head and relaxing you in the best way possible.

Keep these things on your bedside table when you retire for the night, and home will always literally be in reach. For more information, check out companies such as Executive Living.