Planning a romantic stay-cation in your city

If you have been dreaming about getting away for a romantic break with your sweetie, but find time and money are in short supply, here are some ways to have a romantic stay-cation in your own city on a limited budget.

Choose a region you haven't explored

If you live in the suburbs, even spending a weekend in the Central Business District (CBD) can be an adventure. You can explore the culture, shopping and hidden features of your CBD at a more relaxed pace than you usually see as you hurry to work. Also, most large Australian cities are on the coast, so if you live inland, it can also be fun to have a break near the beach and spend your days walking along the beach and paddling in the water. You can also try heading inland for a tour of your local wine region or beautiful old growth forests. Try and locate interesting spots you haven't explored within and hour or two's drive of your home to maximise the time you can spend away from home.

Find a bed and breakfast

While you can stay at home for nothing, you'd be faced with the looming to do list and the dirty dishes in the sink. So find a bed and breakfast that has all the advantages of home without the disadvantages of your own home. Being able to sleep in a luxurious bed and come out to a beautiful, home cooked breakfast is a great indulgence and will put you in a fine mood for relaxation and romance. Bed and breakfasts are usually cheaper than a hotel, particularly when extras like parking and Wi-Fi are factored in. The hosts can often help you find little local attractions that are off the beaten track as well!

Nix the devices

If you are short on time and money, the best thing you can do to make sure this time is as special as possible is to make sure your attention is fully on the time you have together. Keep the devices to a minimum -- try locking them up in the bed and breakfasts safe and only checking in once a day. If you need to have an emergency contact, you can always give the number of the bed and breakfast landline to the babysitter or other emergency contacts.

Have a great time on your romantic stay-cation. No matter how limited your time or budget, the important thing is the effort you are putting into your relationship.