Hotel Booking Tips

You might assume that booking a hotel is fairly easy and straightforward, but this is not always the case. It takes more than just knowing your destination and the date of your arrival to book the right hotel for your stay. They key to saving money and getting the amenities that matter most is being informed about the most helpful hotel booking tips. There are many common errors that are made when booking hotels, but following these tips helps you to avoid them and get the ideal room at an affordable rate.

Get the Best Room

Getting the best room at a hotel is not impossible. You can't always expect to have the best room during your stay, but it is more likely that you will book a room with the amenities that matter most to you if you book directly through the hotel website. If you book your hotel stay through the business website and also join a hotel loyalty program, you are more likely to get guaranteed better room placement. Additional features like Wi-Fi and complimentary breakfast are also more accessible when you book your stay on the hotel's website. Using online travel agencies to book your hotel might help you get better rates, but it will not get you better room placement.

Avoid Taxes and Fees

It is important that you are aware of lesser-known taxes and resort fees that are sometimes added to the nightly rates. This means that you should not book a hotel on just the flat rate alone. It is important that you inquire about resort fees at the time of booking. Some hotels attach fees for different services including cleaning, pool and spa use, processing and much more. This means that the only way to know if you are getting a really great rate is to inquire about any possible resort fees that might be assessed. If there are some services that you do not want access to, you may be able to fight some additional fees and have them dropped from your hotel bill. Save yourself problems by asking about fees beforehand.

Choose the Right Time

The key to getting the most affordable rates for hotel rooms is all about timing. The timing of when you book and when you are traveling is the biggest deciding factor in the amount that you will have to pay. It is always best to begin searching for hotels at least a month in advance of your trip in order to get access to the lowest rates. Any time after that will result in you paying higher prices for the same type of amenities. Contact a hotel like Windsor Lodge Como to get started.