Top 3 Excellent Tips on Providing the Best Lodging Services for Your Motel

With the increase in the number of people travelling, the hotels and lodging industry has also grown proportionately. People will always need a place to spend a night or more. However, not everyone can afford a 5-star hotel accommodation. Therefore, they tend to resort to other options like motels and restaurants. If you own any of these alternatives, you need to ensure you offer the best accommodation. You can do this by considering some of the suggestions below. 

Concentrate on en-suites

They may be a bit costly than simply building single rooms. Nonetheless, a bedroom containing its own bathroom and toilet may just be the magic touch that'll set you apart from your competitors.

Furthermore, an en suite would be convenient for your customers as well. You will have relieved them of the stress of waiting in long queues to use common bathrooms and toilets, especially when there is an influx of clients. Apart from that, en suites provide more privacy and are a good option for people with medical issues. Guess what, you will also be making work easier for your janitors, since cleaning a private bathroom is definitely easier than cleaning a public one.

Affordable style and comfort

Since motels are normally targeted towards highway travellers, they may not be as luxurious as hotels. Not to worry. You can fix this by going beyond just offering the basic amenities. All you have to do is add some fancy chandelier in your lobby to give it that classy lighting. It doesn't have to be expensive. Secondly, you could consider dividing your rooms into classes with different prices and amenities. For example, higher classes could have something a bit fancier like a Jacuzzi or water bed. Don't forget to get trendy tables, chairs, and bed designs as well. The aim here is to offer 5-star hotel accommodation at the price of a motel.

Cater for everyone

Be as considerate as possible. Accommodation means providing shelter to everyone. For a start, you can have some specialized services for the disabled. For example, you can install separate bathrooms, or even give them their own special en suites. In addition, having extra listening devices for the deaf wouldn't be such a bad idea. Apart from that, remember the children. Don't let your motel be the boring kind. Offer some video games, install a pinball machine, or create a pool if space allows you to. Remember, if the kids are happy, the parents are happy, and your pockets even happier.