Top Amenities of a Long-term Stay-powered Caravan Sites

Powered caravan sites are ideal for extended weekend stays or stops along a caravan travel vacation. There may be a time that you want to turn a small vacation into a long-term stay, for various reasons. Regardless of the reasons, there are certain amenities that ideal long-term stay-powered caravan sites offer that you'll want to look for. Here are a few of those amenities and what to know about each one.

Wireless Internet Service

Long-term stays will likely mean that you want to catch-up on your emails and check in with family and friends. Though you can use your wireless companies various plans, having an included wireless internet service is more affordable and ideal. You can sit in the comfort of your caravan, enjoy the surroundings, and catch-up on your correspondence. You can even stream from different programs, watch videos, check social media, and everything else that you need wireless internet to do. You can also earn some extra income by working from home, or take your current work from home job with you on your long-term caravan stay.

Weekly and Monthly Electric Rates

Most caravan sites will offer day rates for their electrical hook-ups. This is fine, but if you want to do a long-term stay, it can become expensive to pay for electric daily. One of the top amenities of a long-term stay-powered caravan site is the ability to pay for your electric weekly or monthly. This can save money, depending on the sites rates, and make the long-term stay choice easier depending on your budget and who has the best electricity fees.

On-Site Playgrounds and Indoor Play Areas

Though this amenity is primarily something parents or grandparents watching their grandchildren will look for, it is still a top amenity of many powered caravan sites. An on-site playground, especially a safely fenced in area, is ideal for younger children and gives you a safe place to enjoy some outdoor time with your family. If you are doing a long-term stay in the caravan with younger children, indoor play areas are also an amenity you want to look for. On rainy days, or stretches of rainy days, having that indoor play area can save your day and help you maintain your stress levels.

These are just three of the top amenities available at long-term powered caravan sites. You may have other amenities you are looking for, but these will help you narrow down your choices and get you on a faster path to finding the ideal powered caravan site for you.